Sunday, December 19, 2004

What We Still Don't Know

This TV program on Channel IV is typical again for the fascination of 'space' and 'universes out there'. It is interesting that scientists consistently question god and 'purpose of design' rather than the underlying axioms, definitions and principles that form the current scientific framework. 'Multiverse' is the 'big idea' of Sir Martin Rees.

Obviously I can't blame anybody for not having come up with the answers that I have. But I certainly can go beyond a 'time line' and thus question the Big Bang. But scientists prefer to think about the origin and future of the universe than their own birth and their own death.

Science is in effect as much a religion of beliefs as spiritual organisations are. But here the 'god' is reason. Thus there reigns an intellectual arrogance which I find quite appalling: we are the most intelligent, the most complex, the most this and that. The masculine left brain rational mind has gone far enough. It's time to rebalance.

Let me know if you want to help in this rebalancing act!


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