Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My web presence

Unfortunately, the comment on this blog is clearly spam: since it has been here, labels and text in Compose mode automatically switch to Japanese... So the info here is not as perfect as I'd like it to be UNTIL SOMEONE ALLOWS ME TO DELETE COMMENTS!

Today I learned that Blogger is now owned by Google. Hence it is supposed to help in one's Google rankings to have a blog with Blogger.

Well, since I had one already, I might as well use it as a door to all my other blogs. In more or less chronological order, my blogs and sites are as follows:

My "social life with meaning":
  1. The Archive Site of the Forum for Stable Currencies

  2. Forum for Stable Currencies - Advocating the use of People's Credit for the People's Purposes - a summary of our political activities

  3. Money as Debt also known as Credit, our core concerns

  4. Stop the Cash Crumble to Equalize the Credit Crunch

  5. Green Credit for Green Growth - Lobbying the Treasury Select Committee with a submission to their inquiry into the Stern Report

  6. How is Green Growth Possible? - a bit of an addendum and thus really superfluous

  7. YunuSphere - Expanding Dr। Yunus' Sphere of Influence - proposing "usury-free banking" as "social business"

My "professional life with zest":
  1. 3D Metrics - Measuring 3D Realities on 2D Screens - my "professional life with zest"

  2. 3D Metrics - On-Screen Measuring for Investigating Science and Innovating Technologies - my life's work.

On the more personal level:
  1. Bombs through the Eyes of a Woman - Shocking stories about real and informational bombs

  2. Bikram Yoga - My experiences with 26 postures in a hot room

In German - with reference to a short video in English:
  1. Buschow im Havelland - A Creative Village West of Berlin.

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